Alma Mater Merc is the name of new SWOSU store


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The bookstore will be combined with the convenience store. The new name: Alma Mater Merc.

Johannes Becht, News Reporter

Alma Mater Merc – this is the name for the new SWOSU bookstore and convenience store. The name was picked out of approximately 3,000 proposals from 1,498 students who participated in the contest.

From summer on, the bookstore and the convenience store in Mann Hall will be combined and called Alma Mater Merc. Moreover, SWOSU takes back the management. Ashley Hancock will be the director of Alma Mater Merc.

The idea for Alma Mater Merc had SWOSU student Taylor Peters. She won a $1,300 tuition waiver or a product of Apple or Dell worth the same amount.

Clay Jacobs took the second place and won $650 in either tuition waiver or Dell/Apple product. His name: “1901”. “The Vim” was submitted by Farron Sheffield and took the third place ($300).

The winning names were announced at the home basketball games on Thursday, Feb. 28.

What does Alma Mater Merc mean?

Alma Mater is a word for a formerly attended university or college. It can also be used for the university from whom one graduated.

Some people have asked what Merc means. It apparently stands for mercantile.

However, the name doesn’t seem to be very welcomed. So far, an overwhelming majority of The Southwestern readers don’t think that Alma Mater Merc is the right name.

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