Joe Biden wins Super Tuesday & Oklahoma

Johannes Becht, News Reporter

Former Vice President Joe Biden has won the Democratic primaries on March 3, the so-called Super Tuesday. He took ten states, among them Texas and Oklahoma.

Bernie Sanders, the self-proclaimed socialist from the left wing of the Dems, took four states. Noteworthy among them is especially California.

Biden: 38.7% in Oklahoma

In Oklahoma, 38.7% of the voters chose Biden (21 delegates), only 25.4% preferred Sanders (13). This is surprising, since Sanders won over Hillary Clinton in 2016 with more than 51% and 170,000 votes. This time, however, Sanders received almost 100,000 votes less. This can be partly explained by the fact that, unlike 2016, Sanders had serious competition by Elizabeth Warren. She got 40,000 votes (3).

One reason for Joe Biden’s victory is that several candidates had dropped out of the race for the Democratic presidential nomination, especially moderates such as Pete Buttigieg and Amy Klobuchar. After Super Tuesday, Michael Bloomberg and Elizabeth Warren also declared their drop out.

After a troubling start in the Democratic primaries, Biden is now leading with 596 delegates, Sanders has 531 so far. 1,991 delegates are necessary to win.

Trump: 92.6%

As expected, current President Donald J. Trump took all the states for the Republican Party. In Oklahoma, he received more than 270,000 votes (92.6%).

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