SWOSU lockdown due to domestic violence – Suspect not in Weatherford anymore


Becht / Video Screenshot

SWOSU students remained in the classrooms during lockdown.

Johannes Becht, News Editor

A case of off-campus domestic violence on Monday, March 29, has caused a lockdown at the SWOSU campus as well as for East and West Elementary school in Weatherford. Doors were shut immediately across campus, lights went off and students were hiding under the tables in the cafeteria.

The SWOSU police department was patrolling the campus to make sure everybody was safe.

What happened?

At 11:38 a.m., students received a SWOSUalert on their phones announcing a lockdown due to off-campus domestic violence, “involving possibly (a) white man in boxer shorts.” 11 minutes later, another text was sent out, warning students that the suspect might be armed.

The Weatherford Daily News reported that the incident happened at 800 block West Davis Avenue. A female showed signs of physical injury. The suspect was apparently armed and fled the scene.

At 12:27 p.m., the lockdown was lifted. The suspect was not believed to be in the immediate area anymore. According to the Weatherford Police Department, his cell phone had been pinged south of Hydro.

Weatherford PD as well as surrounding police departments keep looking, but haven’t confirmed an arrest yet. After the lockdown was lifted, more and more police cars were seen returning to the Weatherford police station.

Professional behavior

Students, faculty and staff behaved very professionally during the lockdown. “Not too many students, everything went well,” Radonna Sawatzky, Director of Food Services at SWOSU, said. Jamie Thomas, supervisor at Duke’s Diner, said that the lockdown was conducted immediately. She reported that only about 10 people were eating in the cafeteria at the time of the lockdown.

This is the second lockdown at SWOSU within 6 months. In October 2020, a lockdown was issued after a shooting at Campus North apartments.

This is a developing story.