Students criticize SWOSU’s handling of shooting incident close to campus


Becht / Video Screenshot

The Southwestern reporter Abby Foster at the site of the incident.

Johannes Becht, News Editor

“It was poorly handled.”

“I was confused, didn’t know what was going on.”

Those are just a few voices of several students who were irritated by SWOSU’s handling of the shooting incident last night, just a few feet away from the campus. Since neither Weatherford PD, Weatherford Daily News or the SWOSU administration informed about the incident, students only found out about it either via friends or social media entries and news articles by The Southwestern.

The Facebook entry of The Southwestern that was posted just minutes after the police arrived at the scene reached over 30,000 online users and more than 200 shares – a clear indication that it was the only reliable source of information at this point.

Kendra Brown, Chief of SWOSU PD, is responsible for putting out an alert via the SWOSUalert system, possibly involving an order to lock down.

Brown: “A SWOSU Alert was not issued based on the info we received that (the) suspects were immediately apprehended and there was no further threat posed to campus.”

SWOSU students disagreed, saying they would have wanted to know specifics since rumors of shots fired spread pretty quickly following the incident, causing confusion and nervousness.

The Southwestern reporter Abby Foster asked students about their opinion – watch the new episode of “Southwestern on the Streets” here: