COVID-19 cases at SWOSU increase by another 21%

Johannes Becht, News Editor

Active COVID-19 cases at SWOSU have increased 21% since last week. The total case number that includes students from both Sayre and Weatherford campus as well as employees increased from 43 to 52.

The SWOSU administration announced those numbers on Tuesday on its COVID dashboard.

50 Weatherford students are reported positive, as well as 2 employees. No students on the Sayre campus are infected with the coronavirus.

Could SWOSU shut down due to high COVID case numbers?

In March 2020, SWOSU shut down at the beginning of the pandemic. In Fall 2020, SWOSU had a contingency plan that would have moved almost all classes to virtual if more than 250 students had had COVID. The highest spread ever recorded on the SWOSU campus were 134 cases in late September 2020.

This year, there is no exact number of cases, according to President Dr. Diane Lovell.

If you want to get vaccinated, you can do so every Friday 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. in the Pioneer Cellular Event Center. If you want to get tested, you can do so in the campus nurse’s office, located in the Wellness Center.