Renovations of Al Harris library to be completed by Labor Day



This is how the second floor of Al Harris library will look like after completion of the renovations.

Johannes Becht, News Editor

Originally, the renovations to Al Harris Library were set to be completed by the beginning of Fall Semester 2020. Now, the completion is expected to be by Labor Day.

It is the first major renovation of Al Harris since it was built in the 1960s, according to Jason Dupree, Director of Libraries. The renovations will include a new design, study group areas, and improved lighting. Another project, the Stafford Archives, which is set to be the depository for the donated papers of Gen. Thomas P. Stafford (among them a flight manual), will be added as well.

One of the main difficulties while renovating was that asbestos was found in the floor. This led to major delays in the renovation process. Also, a new sprinkler system for both the first and second floor were installed, along with new underground water pipelines between the library and W College Avenue.

By Labor Day, all renovations should be finished, according to Mr. Dupree. Until the second floor can be opened to SWOSU students, it could take between two to three weeks more. Stafford is likely to participate in the opening ceremony, Mr. Dupree says.

The first floor was expected to be renovated in summer 2021. However, COVID-19 and financial difficulties of the university could make things complicated.

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