RUSO Universities Announce Scholarship for Ukrainian Students


The Regional University System of Oklahoma’s six university presidents have announced a scholarship program for Ukrainians who have been severely impacted or displaced by the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Presidents Diana Lovell of Southwestern Oklahoma State University, Jeff Gibson (interim) of East Central University, Patti Neuhold-Ravikumar of the University of Central Oklahoma, Janet Cunningham of Northwestern Oklahoma State University, Steve Turner of Northeastern State University, and Thomas Newsom of Southeastern Oklahoma State University are united in their concern for the people of Ukraine who face many challenges, including the loss of educational opportunities. RUSO universities aim to provide a path to a college degree for those Ukrainians gravely impacted by the war.

The scholarship program will cover tuition and room and board for undergraduate Ukrainian students who are seriously impacted and/or displaced by the Russian invasion as determined by each institution. If the student meets university admission standards, the scholarship will cover costs for undergraduate degrees and on-campus residences.

“RUSO’s mission is to prepare students to succeed in a global society, and we place great importance on providing assistance to those students who are fighting through a global tragedy,” said RUSO Board Chair Connie Reilly.

The Regional University System of Oklahoma governs six of the state’s public universities, which enroll more than 37,000 students annually.

Each university also offers a variety of support and counseling services for any student who needs these services in light of the global crisis.

To be eligible, students must apply for admission by July 2024. For more information about the Ukraine Student Scholarship program, please contact:

Southwestern Oklahoma State University: (580) 774-3782

East Central University: (580) 332-8000

University of Central Oklahoma: (405) 974-2000

Northwestern Oklahoma State University: (580) 327-1700

Northeastern State University: (918) 444-2500

Southeastern Oklahoma State University: (580) 745-2000

Regional University System of Oklahoma: (405) 842-8817