SWOSU music department faculty set to perform recital


A SWOSU faculty recital will take place on at noon April 23 in the Berrong Music featuring four SWOSU Music Department professors.

Dr. Philip Martinson, a trombone instructor, is in charge of the recital, which features three performances.

The first performance will be Martinson on the trombone and Dr. Shelley Martinson on the flute. They will be performing a piece titled, “Four Vignettes for Flute and Trombone.”


“My wife and I commissioned (this) piece in 2020, and we premiered it last year in virtual concert,” Philip Martinson said. “We thought it would be nice to play it in person with an actual audience this year. The work is unique in that each movement can be performed by itself or as a set.”


The audience can expect to hear a story about Greek mythology in “Four Vignettes for Flute and Trombone,” which tells a story about a Pan and Syrinx. Pan, who will be represented by the trombone, is a half goat creature who is “infatuated” with Syrinx. Syrinx, who will be represented by the flute, is a woodland nymph.


The second performance of the recital will be by Dr. David Bessinger, SWOSU’s percussion professor. Bessinger will perform “Cano Cristales,” which was composed by Columbian composer Ruben Dario Gomez.


The third and final performance will be a trio which will feature Martinson on the trombone, Bessinger on percussion and Dr. Shuo-Hui Sophie Hung on the piano. The trio will perform a piece called “Rebellion,” which was composed by Steven Rush.


“It is quite loud, energetic, and violent in nature, as one might expect by the title. It features a large assortment of percussion instruments, some prepared piano, and other surprises,” Martinson said