SWOSU Provost: “If you want to go to a football game this fall, please come”


Johannes Becht, News Editor

The new SWOSU Provost Dr. Joel Kendall is excited about the upcoming fall semester.

“We are ready for the fall like you are and can’t wait to see the great things that go on,” he said on Wednesday during a meeting.

The main reason for the excitement is certainly the return to normal operations without social distancing and face masks.

“If you want to go to a football game this fall, or volleyball game, or soccer, please come. We’d love to have you. Band concert, any event; we open them up to the public and we want you there.”

At the same time, the new president Dr. Diana “Diane” Lovell once more urged every student to get vaccinated during a time of rising COVID-19 cases. She didn’t rule out that COVID-19 protocols could change during the semester.

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