“Amazing facility:” New police station to be built in Weatherford


Johannes Becht, News Editor

The Weatherford City Commission on Wednesday, June 30, approved a bid on the asbestos abatement located at the old hospital building that will serve as the location for the new police station 911 center, according to the Weatherford Daily News.

After the abatement is completed, demolition of the old hospital building will begin in order to make room for the new police station that is expected to be finished by the latter part of 2022.

Police Chief Louis Flowers is very excited about the construction project.

“It’s going to be an amazing facility,” Flowers said in an interview with WDN. “It’s a great centralized location and the mayor has always wanted to have a public safety campus.”

The new location also makes it easier to respond to calls quicker, according to Flowers.

“The centralized location is not far from our current police department, but we will be able to respond a little quicker to the area.”

The new police station is supposed to make Weatherford a 911 hub center for Western Oklahoma, according to Police Chief Louis Flowers.

“We serve all of Blaine County for fire and EMS. We also service Cadd County, Washita County and some parts of Dewey County. We have expanded our 911 center and we are out of room. Because of the citizens passing the Yes Weatherford tax we are now going to be able to have twice the space for the 911 center and we will have more room to grow. We have set a higher standard for all 911 centers. We are going to hopefully become the 911 hub center for Western Oklahoma.”

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