Al Harris Library staff member tested positive for Covid-19?


Johannes Becht, News Editor

According to two independent sources familiar with the matter, a female staff member of Al Harris Library on the Southwestern Oklahoma State University campus Weatherford has been tested positive for Covid-19.

The person had little to no contact with other employees or students prior to the positive test results, according to one source. Both sources spoke on the condition of anonymity.

Jason Dupree, Director of Libraries, is not aware of a positive Covid-19 case in the library. The SWOSU library was fully sanitized on Tuesday evening, but that was normal procedure, he said on Wednesday. Other library and campus staff members also did not express any knowledge about a coronavirus case in the Al Harris Library.

On Wednesday, SWOSU Vice President of Public Affaris and Marketing Brian Adler had already confirmed two SWOSU fall athletes being tested positive for the coronavirus, WDN reported.

“Fall sport athletes are coming back and are being tested,” Adler said. “Two out of the 55 players tested positive and the players who tested positive are not living on campus and are quarantining.”

This is a developing story.

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