Oklahoma Aspiring Educations Association Club Spotlight


Recently SWOSU had an organization fair where the Oklahoma Aspiring Educators Association had a booth that had information about OAEA as well as the bigger group Oklahoma Educators Association.

OAEA is a preprofessional organization of undergraduate and graduate students currently preparing for careers in education. OAEA is one of the largest student organizations in Oklahoma with local student programs at more than 25 university and college campuses. Membership in OAEA also provides networking opportunities with professional educators through the “Hook Up” program, where local OAEA and local K-12 associations work together to host professional development workshops and unite for special projects.

The booth at the organization fair also had information about the OSAT and how the OAEA helps students prepare for the test.

Coming up, the education organizations like OAEA, KDP, and SCEC held a Welcome Back Brunch on Wednesday, Sept. 28th that also included voter registration. The OEAE will be having a book drive and walking in the SWOSU Homecoming parade handing out books on Saturday, Oct. 15.

The OAEA officers are: Justice West (President), Jazmin Castillo-Cruz (Vice President), Jaelle Farrell (Secretary/Treasurer), and Morgan Cox (Reporter/Photographer)

For more information about OEAE, follow them on Facebook @SWOSU OAEA and on Instagram @swosuoaea