SWOSU Gold Program Food Drive

The Swosu Gold Program is doing a canned food drive that will help anyone in need for the upcoming Thanksgiving. They have put boxes around campus in various dorms and buildings for anyone to donate what they are able. This food drive will be on Nov. 22 beginning at 5:30 am.

On Monday, Nov. 21, they will go through and pick up all the boxes of what has been donated and will put the belongings in their ruck sacks or backpacks and walk with those for a certain number of miles with the cans.

When speaking with Sergeant Clark, he said, “As soldiers, we like to serve and help people while also allowing the soldiers to get some good physical fitness out of it as well.”

They will be dropping the canned food off at Connections Food & Resource Center in Weatherford. With this food drive, the SWOSU Gold Program is looking to help within its community for a chance to make things a little easier.