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Meet the Court

As homecoming weekend approaches get to know more about your SWOSU 2023 Homecoming Court!
Aspen Crabtree

Aspen Crabtree is a Junior from Woodward, OK majoring in Biomedical Sciences and plans on applying to OU School of Dental Hygiene this year. Crabtree is a part of the BCM, SGA, and SWOSU New Student Orientation. A fun fact about Crabtree is that she has worked as an orthodontic assistant for the past 3 years; Crabtree loves working with teeth!

With Crabtree applying to dental school and this possibly being her last year as a bulldog she felt that running for court “would truly allow me to enjoy my final time here at SWOSU…” Crabtree said one of her biggest motivators when deciding to run for homecoming is to “make some exciting memories with my friends who are running alongside me.”

“Being nominated for homecoming court has been such an honor to me,” Crabtree said. “I am very thankful that I got to be a part of this homecoming court and represent this university during this year’s homecoming.”

When asked what she will gain from this experience Crabtree said “I hope that through this experience I get to make connections with students, staff, and faculty that I would have not made otherwise.”

Crabtree said the one thing she loves most about SWOSU is the people.

“Everyone is so kind and genuine, and uplifting that it was easy to make this place feel like home. SWOSU truly has the best people to surround yourself with,” Cabtree Said.

One of the most influential people Crabtree has met at SWOSU is BCM director, Scott Hume.

“Scott is one of the nicest people I have ever met and welcomes everyone with open arms,” Crabtree said. “He is the perfect example of what a Christian should look like. He is someone that truly leads by example and has been so encouraging to me to live a life fully for the Lord.”

Crabtree’s advice she wants to give to her fellow Bulldogs is “to step out of your comfort zone.”

“Some of the best memories and most growth happens when you make the decision to do things that are not comfortable to you. Take the chance,” Cabtree said.



Jake Biddy

Biddy is a Junior from Fort Cobb, OK majoring in engineering Technology. Biddy is a member of Phi Delta Theta, President’s Leadership Class 16, OK-LSAMP, and the society of manufacturing engineers. A fun fact about Biddy is that he went to Europe for two months in the summer of 2022.

When asked how it feels to be selected on homecoming court Biddy said “It feels amazing.”

“It made me realize how important the people around me in life are and that I have people behind me who believe in me and that is one of the best feelings in the world,” Biddy said. “I truly cherish each and every one of my friends and family that have helped me make it to this point.”

Biddy said what he loves most about SWOSU is the community.

“Every single day I am excited to be on campus and around all the people at SWOSU,” Biddy said. “I am a huge people person and I love being with my friends at all SWOSU events, eating lunch, dinner at the diner, or just going to class in general.”

Biddy said the most influential people he has met at SWOSU are Todd Boyd, Dr. Jeremy Evert, Dr. Tim Hubin, everyone at the Admissions and Recruitment office, and everyone at the engineering technology department.

Biddy’s biggest advice he can give to all bulldogs is “Always strive to do your absolute best.”

“Never let what other people think or say keep you from doing what you want or believe in,” Biddy said. “Always work towards your goals and never settle for less, and in all things you do in life, leave it better than you found it.”



Jessica Findley

Jessica Fidnley is a Junior Business marketing major from Hinton, OK. Findley is the president of SGA, a student intern at the BCM, and Findley is also involved in FCA, Delta Mu Delta, Sigma Phi Lambda, and Phi Beta Lambda. A fun fact about Findley is that she can make balloon animals.

Findley said that her big motivators for running for court were her friends, family, and the student body and wanting to take the next step in representing them.

Findley said “It was an honor,” when she found out she was nominated for court. Findley expresses her gratitude to the student body.

“Whenever I found out I was filled with gratitude and thankfulness and gratefulness that the student body chose me to represent them,” Findley said.

Findley hopes to gain new friendships and relationships during this experience.

“I hope to gain new relationships from this experience with faculty, admin, and staff. Also with new students as well as building other relationships with the other queen and king candidates,” Findley said.

What Findley loves most about SWOSU is the university’s academics and variety of organizations.

“My favorite things at SWOSU would have to be our excellent academics and inclusive organizations,” Findley said. “For academics I feel that we really do have it all. No matter what degree students are pursuing here at SWOSU we have it. We have the best of the best,  from business to education, athletics, pharmacy and the list goes on. My other thing was organizations. I just love the variety we have. SWOSU has over 90 organizations on campus. We have a ton of organizations for international students, religion, we also have a lot of sororities and fraternities. We have both in greek counsel and field of study so everyone can find their place.”

Findley said the most influential people she has met at SWOSU were two former SWOSU grads and homecoming queens: Natile Kinder and Randi Lee Garrard.

“When I moved into SWOSU as a scared little freshman I was right down their hall…My entire freshman year they took me under their wing. Pouring into me and loving me and showing me the ropes of what it means to be a SWOSU bulldog,” Findley said.

Findley’s advice to all Bulldogs is to “Keep working hard.”

“I feel that at SWOSU we have so many hard working students, faculty, admin, and staff… I would say to just keep working hard in your classes, keep working hard in your organizations, and any extracurriculars you’re working in. Be encouraged that your hard work will pay off,” said Findley.



Cache Anglin

Cache Anglin came to SWOSU in the fall of 2019 and this will be his fifth year as a Bulldog and a 3.1 (third year, first semester) pharmacy student. Anglin is currently a part of ASCP (American Society of Consultant Pharmacist), former President and now Vice President of the Dean’s Counsel in the Pharmacy Department. During Anglin’s undergrad years he was in PLC Class 14 and a pharmacy senator for SGA. A fun fact about Anglin is that he has O negative blood!

Anglin loves being a bulldog and wanted to show his pride by running for homecoming court.

“This is my last full year here before I go on my rotations so I felt like I had to run,” Anglin said. “I’ve been so full of pride since I came here. I came from a small town so when I got here it felt like home. I have so much love and joy for this place. I’m a student ambassador for the admissions office so I get to see students come in and start their journeys here so that’s why I wanted to do it. I wanted to spread the dawg pride. I want to embody what we stand for.”

Anglin said he is excited for this special night and was “over the moon” when he found out he was one of the finalists for court.

“I am very humble because the men I am going up against are great people,” Anglin said. “I got to meet them at our headshots and the women are great candidates as well. When I found out I was nominated for court I thought, ‘We’re doing this’. It puts that pride of ‘Let’s put on the dawg hat’ and ‘let’s go make it happen’ and ‘stand up for what we want’ ”.

Anglin said he is hoping to make and gain memories during this experience.

“This is my last year and I’m trying to make the most of it and really putting myself out there in those uncomfortable situations,” Anglin said. “So many people come to homecoming so it’s going to be full of joy, loudness, and everyone cheering for one goal.”

Anglin said what he loves most about SWOSU is the “small town vibes” and the “tight knit community” feel.

“From the college to the community you are so uplifted here,” Anglin said. “I was afraid of going to college and wondering if I would fit in and all these other unknowns but I knew I belonged coming to SWOSU.”

Anglin said one of the most influential people he has met at SWOSU is former director of admissions, Todd Boyd. Todd Boyd was one of the first people Anglin met at SWOSU. Boyd was also a former bulldog which is what inspired Anglin to show his dawg pride.

“He is an example of someone who loves their university. He is also an example of standing where you’re at as a bulldog and keep growing in what we built in traditions and everything,” Anglin said.

Anglin also gives credit to the Dean of Pharmacy, Dr. Les Ramos.

“He has put so much in for the students,” Anglin said. “He fills the coffee everyday, keeps the snacks stocked, if we ever need to talk or complain he’s there. He has been the person that has been a rock for me. Especially in pharmacy, you have to talk to the dean and he’s been through it and he knows exactly what I’m going through.”

One piece of advice Anglin gives is to “find yourself” at SWOSU.

“Find yourself here. This university is small but we’re so big in that fact that there is a place for everyone. Whether it is a club or an organization or a friend group, there is someone here for everyone. Find who you are and really solidify that because once you’re in the real world it’s work, bills, and taxes. Find who you are, what you believe in, and find that Dawg pride. Fully immerse yourself in the culture,” Anglin said.



Brock Freeman

Brock Freeman was unable to respond.

Brock Freeman is from Marlow, OK and is a Senior majoring in business management. A fun fact about Brock is that he has two dogs!
















Colombia Castro

Colombia Castro was unable to respond.

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