SWOSU’s COPS Program conducts Emergency Vehicle Operation class

Johannes Becht


Johannes Becht

Students were able to use Highway Patrol cars to practice their driving skills.

Johannes Becht, Video reporter


The COPS program is part of the Parks and Wildlife Law Enforcement degree at SWOSU with the option for students to obtain their CLEET certification which qualifies to be a certified law enforcement officer in Oklahoma.

“We want to teach them shuffle steering, keeping your hands 8 to 4, no crossing over, keeping them low, killing the bad habits they may have picked up, the basic stuff,” Josiah Freeman, instructor from the Oklahoma Highway Patrol, said.

“We teach them several different concourses, backing courses, driving around the cones, working the wheel and the gas pedal at the same time, all that sort of stuff,” he added.

“We want guys to drive at around 80% of their ability and be comfortable driving at a higher speed.”