Rocket League Team Preview

Rocket League Team Preview

SWOSU eSports has its first-ever Rocket League team here in the fall of 2021. The team consists of six players, with five being from Oklahoma and one from Kansas. The team consists of the following players:

Coby de Angelo (Coby) from El Reno

Trevor Goodwin (ChubLord) from Woodward

Brandon Bardwell (BacoTV) from Elk City

John Sharp (Shorkoth) from Ottawa, KS

Elias Rodriguez Gutierrez (ASTRO_BOI_07) from Hinton

Darian Malone (B1G CAP) from Alva

The team has had no prior competitive experience and, before tryouts, had never played with each other, making the team dynamic even more entertaining with the difference between the players’ backgrounds. Each player has played the game for a minimum of two years.