33% increase in COVID cases in Weatherford – Almost 200 new deaths across Oklahoma


The Oklahoma State Department of Health has published its latest COVID update on Wednesday, September 1.

53 Weatherford residents are currently reported positive. This is 13 more cases, or 33%, than last week (40 cases).

In Clinton, 47 people are infected with COVID-19. This is a minus of 2 cases compared to last week.

Custer County reports 112 active cases. This is almost no change to last week (107 cases).

35 Weatherford residents have died from COVID since the beginning of the pandemic, 67 in Clinton, 106 in Custer County.

Across Oklahoma, COVID cases are on the rise. 19,645 new cases were registered during the last 7 days (14,793 the week before). That’s a plus of almost 5,000.

189 new deaths were reported (136 last week), as well as 869 that had to be hospitalized (875 previously). Most of them are not vaccinated. Since the beginning of the pandemic, 8,001 people have died in Oklahoma. People under the age of 35 account for only 1% of total deaths.

1.73 million Oklahomans are fully vaccinated (+50,000 compared to last week), over 2.1 million have received at least one shot.