Trial for Campus North shooter Kingsley Ehiemua? Court decides in June – He is currently out on bond


Kingsley Ehiemua is the main suspect in the Campus North shooting in October 2020. Photo: SWOSU athletics, video anonymously submitted via Snapchat.

A shooting at Campus North apartments in Weatherford, Oklahoma, on October 27, 2020, put the SWOSU campus in a more than 40-minutes lockdown. Kingsley Ehiemua, former SWOSU student and athlete in the football team, is the main suspect. Since he pled not guilty, the court now has to decide if the case goes to trial. The preliminary hearing is on June 17 in Custer County Court in Arapaho.

[Video] Clip of arrest & interview with Radonna Sawatzky



Ehiemua currently out on bond

A week after the arrest, Ehiemua was bailed out by Jason Smith, a bail bondsman from Clinton, for $100,000. He was ordered not to have contact with suspects / victims, and not to leave his apartment other than for day-to-day living purposes, according to Court Records. Further, he was ordered to attend school “to the extent allowed by university.”

Ehiemua not at SWOSU anymore

Ehiemua, who was a freshman redshirt quarterback, was kicked off the football team immediately after the incident.

Dean of Students Joshua Engle: “I can confirm that Kingsley Ehiemua is not an active student at SWOSU, is not registered for any courses, and is not actively participating in any SWOSU athletic events.”

Attorney questioned police investigations

Kingsley Ehiemua’s attorney, Lorenzo Banks of Oklahoma City, called the investigation into question a few days after the incident in an interview with the Weatherford Daily News.

[Video] Active shooter alert – Lockdown at SWOSU

“There is no proof saying my client is the shooter,” Banks said. “The gun hasn’t been located and until we get the gun powder scan in, there is nothing saying he shot the gun.”

Ehiemua is charged with 1st degree robbery, assault with a dangerous weapon, and conspiracy. The State of Oklahoma, represented by District Attorney Rick McPhearson, has to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that Ehiemua committed those crimes. Several witnesses have been subpoenaed to testify. If found guilty, Ehiemua could spend several decades in prison.

According to the affidavit of probable cause, Kingsley Ehiemua shot Zackery Gilbert in the back and upper arm. Gilbert returned the fire and shot Ehiemua.