Travel during summer: What you need to know


CDC recommends road trips for domestic travel. Photo: Unsplash

As vaccines have been distributed to more and more people, many are ready for life to return to what it was before the COVID-19 pandemic hit and get back to traveling, but the Center for Disease Control says additional precautions still need to be taken.

Despite about 33% of the U.S. population receiving at least one dose of the COVID vaccine, cases have still been arising at a concerning pace due to new variants of the virus that are more contagious.

Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the U.S. National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, has been warning people to not stop following other precautions despite being vaccinated because there is high risk for another surge in COVID cases.

“Hang in there a bit longer,” Fauci said. “Now is not the time, as I’ve said many times, to declare victory prematurely.”

Those interested in traveling this summer can reference the CDC’s website for travel precautions and recommendations depending on where they are going. They recommend that people do not travel until they are fully vaccinated, which they are considered two weeks after receiving the second dose of a vaccine that requires two doses or two weeks after receiving a vaccine that requires a single dose.

For those wanting to travel domestically within the U.S., they have created a travel planner that provides information on the travel restrictions in the different states and cities, such as whether or not people will need to self-quarantine, if there are mask mandates, if there are testing requirements and more.

The CDC recommends taking short road trips with members of one’s household when traveling domestically, and for international travel or travel that includes flying, they recommend trying to book flights with as few layovers as possible in order to lower the number of other people encountered.

For international travel, many countries are allowing travelers, but different restrictions, such as self-quarantine periods and mandatory tests, are required for some.

Things to do in Oklahoma:

  • Visit the different parks and wildlife refuges – Outdoor activities can allow for easier social distancing, and there are many different parks and hiking locations in Oklahoma, including Red Rock Canyon Adventure Park, which is only about a 35-minute drive from Weatherford in Hinton, Oklahoma. Other popular locations include the Martin Park Nature Center, Lake Overholser Park, Will Rogers Park, and the Wichita Mountains.


  • Visit different museums – Oklahoma has many different museums people can visit. In Oklahoma City, there is the Science Museum of Oklahoma, the Oklahoma Railway Museum, the Oklahoma History Center, the Museum of Osteology, the American Banjo Museum and more.


  • Visit Tucker’s Tulips in Ada, Oklahoma – At Tucker’s Tulips, people can pick from 11 different varieties of tulips. Visitors can also stop by food trucks, enjoy yoga or simply walk around and enjoy the view. Entry to the fields is $5 per person.

For those looking for more Oklahoma travel ideas and recommendations, they can visit Travel Oklahoma’s website or join Facebook groups like Oklahoma Day Trips (and side stops).