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Perparing for Finals Week

Perparing for Finals Week

With the academic year coming to a close, it can be easy to get caught in the heat of the end of the semester. Relaxing and finding the time to do things that make you happy is important, especially during this time of year. Here’s a list of 5 things you can do to prepare for finals week. 


  1. Stay Organized 

Even if you are not the type of student to keep up with a planner having a calendar or schedule listing off all of your finals can be a major help to your week. Finals week shakes up your weekly schedule and with online exams that you can take on your own time it can be easy to lose track of what’s going on. Having a planner for the week will save you a lot of stress and prevent you from missing any exams.







2. Snack 

BBC did a study on what students ate during finals week and came to the conclusion that what you eat does affect your performance. Research has found that students who eat breakfast and stay hydrated before the big day do 5% better than those who don’t (Richardson, N.D).  It’s been proven that eating helps retain memory, stay energized, and helps students focus better. Recommended snacks for studying are berries, nuts, and bananas.







3. Take a walk 

Stressed? Take a walk! Before and during finals you can find yourself sitting all day. Taking a walk can get your blood flowing, your body moving, and give you a break from the books. Take a walk around campus, or in a nice neighborhood. Walking at Radar Park is my personal favorite because it has a walking trail and a pretty pond to admire.








4. Stay Active! 

Another similar way to stay sane during finals week is to stay active. In between study breaks take some time to get with friends to play pickleball, basketball, or a quick card game. Radar Park West Complex offers tennis courts, baseball fields, basketball courts, and more. SWOSU wellness also provides a rock climbing wall, basketball, and volleyball courts. Visit one of these facilities to take a break and get your body moving.








5. Have a clean area 

Trash can build up fast when studying so it’s important to keep a clean area. Having a clean space can decrease stress and keep a clear mind. Clutter causes distractions leading students to ditch studying. Ways you can maintain your area is to throw away all trash as soon as possible. Throw away wrappers and unwanted papers. Next, organize your space once you’re done studying so it’s ready for your next study session. Starting a study session with a tidy area will motivate you more to get work done. 


The end of the semester can be stressful in itself so it’s important to take care of yourself during this time. When things start to get overwhelming stop and take a second to relax and try one of these tips to reset. 

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