“What a fabulous university”: President Dr. Lovell about her plans with SWOSU


Tyler Bryson / Video Screenshot

The Southwestern News Editor Johannes Becht (left) sat down with SWOSU President Dr. Diane Lovell on Aug. 26.

Johannes Becht, News Editor

Dr. Diana “Diane” Lovell has been the president at SWOSU for almost three months – and “it’s been so busy,” as she said during a recent interview with The Southwestern.

She went on to say that she was “having a great time; what a fabulous university.”

When asked about what her highest priority right now was, she didn’t have to think long: “COVID.”

“My highest priority is always COVID, if it is imminent (or) endangering as in staying open. But to not get to that gate, we fight it every day.”

Once more, she encouraged everybody to get a vaccine – and to not judge others.

“Other people on the globe would give everything to get a vaccination, and you can get it for free right here. Keep your windows open, put your masks on and wash your hands. Don’t judge others, because judging the others is hurting the cause.”

Apart from COVID, enrollment and enrollment growth are other priorities for Dr. Lovell.

“That’s the way for us to all realize our dreams,” she said. “For us to teach on an economy of scale where our classrooms are full. We are using the tuition money effectively, the taxpayer money effectively and the donor money effectively. So if we can get enrollment up, we can realize a lot of our dreams.”