Close to SWOSU campus: Female person attacked by 3 dogs


The incident happened close to the stop sign at Bradley and East Arlington streets. Photo: Johannes Becht

“I was on my way home when I saw that individual at the fire hydrant surrounded by three dogs,” says Shannon Marcar. The psychology major saved a female person after a dog attack at the corner of Bradley Street and East Arlington Avenue in Weatherford, across the parking lot of the SWOSU Campbell Building.

The incident happened on Monday, Aug. 23, at around 2:15 p.m. First, Marcar thought the dogs were playing, but he quickly came to find out that that wasn’t a game at all. He stopped and started honking his car and hitting it with a plastic bottle. The noises then scared off the dogs long enough to evacuate the victim.

Marcar said there were visible injuries on the skin of the victim. The dogs, one small and two bigger ones, are apparently owned by a nearby resident. The dogs had their leashes on, but the owner did not show up until the attacked individual was sitting in Marcar’s car.

Weatherford Police confirmed a complaint about “dog bites,” but could not provide further details. It is unknown at this time what did or will happen to the dogs. An Animal Control car was seen at the site of the incident.